Reflections of the path

The following was written in 12 minutes while driving.


May many Blessings befall you, Things such as this: Speak your heart, and your mind. For with calmness, comes Bliss. So drop now, all old ways of being. For now you know, they can no longer be. Let out your light. Embrace your own simple divinity.

And stand up for the self, and to the self be true, In any conversation, or act it is, that you do.

For is it not within, that one truly finds ones core? And as this occurs, brighter still it grows, yet ever so, more and more.

And is not all of life a wonder? The connected beauty of it all. The movement now being more rapid, it is to be respondent to one’s own inner call.

For if but the faintest of light, should be cast into the darkest of room, More vast becomes ones sight, you see? The WholE world then, so much more illumined.

So, it is to look within, one’s own silence. And listen in the stillness, that can be seen. And FEEL with your knowing, That we each play parts In the Grandness of God’s Great Dream.

And in each day that passes, in each moment that unfurls, It is to be fully who you are, for truly, that IS your gift, unto the world.  © 2017  

Forever it’s Been

Someone, somewhere, once said, do you see?

Forever it’s been and forever it will be.

And life largely depends on ones perceptions, do you see?

And what you will find, is reality is mirrored by ones beliefs.

So I thought about these words, and what they could mean to me.

And I decided, everyone’s gonna see, just how they see.

But how much of what we see, is colored by our beliefs?

Knowing there is so much more, than the conscious mind conceives.

They see now the River of Love, in all things.

And everywhere as you listen, you can feel the quiet ring.

It is along this quiet way, I have come to understand,

Divine, is the web. Each of us connected strands.

But sometimes, now and then, we can all feel a little cut from the web.

And in the darkest hour, maybe even thinking, it’s just better off being dead?

So then just feel with the heart, and pay attention what’s in the head.

Just listen. Take action. And keep your intent

Because everything that you feel, or have ever, felt before,

has been by every woman, child and man, across all the lands of every shore.

BUT, to swim in the River of Love that is so Pure,

One must dive most deep within, of this, be very sure.

And of all the things, that can go on within the self,

We all hold the power to make a heaven, anyone can make a hell.

And while we sleep, where is it that we dwell?

Of these things do you know? If you did, would you tell?

Forever It has been. Forever It will Be.

The River of Love flows through ALL things.

And even in things, the mind may not yet conceive,

But now and then, we can all see more than we believe.

Forever It has been. Forever It will be.

It’s in the hills, the stars, bugs, rocks, birds, and trees.

It flows through, surrounds, and binds together all things,

in people everywhere, all the sky and all the sea.

And if you let that circle out, and go out larger yet still,

by going within, go there, and go and go until,

you surround all the stars of a clear midnight sky,

remembering……………..… how natural………………. it really feels to fly.

Some may posture you the theory, that the earth is but one of many schools.

And while we are here, we are responsible for everything we think, what we say, and just what we do.

So FEEL the River of Love that is flowing through you, and be fully present, in all that you do.                                              © 2017

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  1. Connie Dzergoski

    Lance you are a pleasure! Thanks for the healing of my foot! And for all your words of wisdom! I’m enjoying your book OUTDOOR ADVENTURES you are a true gift… many blessings……. Connie


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