just a guy with a gift that is too good not to share.


i never studied, nor sought to attain or acquire this gift. The gift that keeps on giving.

It developed over time, and so far, continues to develop. i’ve given this a bit of thought. Why? How?

Until i have a greater understanding, which is always inevitable, i’d have to say it ( the energy ) developed by 1. Meditating for years, giving thanks to the Great Spirit, Guides, Angels, and anyone else listening, asking for more. 2. Doing the inner work. Championing the inner orphans. Integrating into the wholEness of being.

i feel the energy within me…. like champagne electricity. It is kinda like a chill, but much deeper and stronger. In the earlier experiences, the energy would always begin at the base of the spine, rising up, filling the limbs, and my head as if a fountain. It is the greatest experience of my life and i have it daily. Before i was able to transfer it anyone else, (2004) i used to imagine it surrounding the earth and coming down like pixie dust. (kinda feels like electric pixie dust)

Presently, when i help someone, what i feel is like all of my chakra’s ignite at once with a grade of ecstasy and down my arms into another it goes. This is good. i never get drained or tired. It is rare, but sometimes i will inadvertently pick up anothers stuff. When i realize this, i burn it out quickly.