Expect a Miracle

Providing intercessions and interventions for re- balancing, re-setting experiences that are of the highest greatest good and very wonderful.

Hello. i’m lance. Welcome to TheHealer.us

(i cant do it without you ) lol

i am able to heal with my hands. Hands are an extension of the heart. The heart is of ones soul. The soul is the closest we can get to God in human form.

What i am able to provide is freedom of pain. There are three types of pain. Body Pain – Mind Pain – Heart Pain. All pain is of the past.  It does not matter what the pain level is, or for how long. Typically, pain is reduced 50% in 30 seconds and gone in two minutes.  Everyone is unique, i will do what i can.  90% + / – success rate.

At times i am unable to help.

Call to book an appointment. 724 493 6764

When you are tired of pain, in any form, come see me and be free.

All systems are inherently designed to seek balance.

$50 – no charge if no success – $50

Effects are in the immediate.

There is no structure that Love cannot supersede

In the hearts asking it can be given

POWERFUL Energy Medicine For Body Mind and Spirit

What people have said:

25% of people do not experience any physical sensations. (Most everyone reports“I don’t know how to describe it”) “I’ve never felt anything like it before” “the pain is gone” “Its Amazing” “ I feel great”  “ it was like there were magnets in your hands” “ I could feel it move down my arms into you” “Like a Wave” “ Its gone” “ It felt like a sheet was pulled down over me” “Vibrating”  “ Buzzing” “ its like I am filled with biofreeze” “Cold” “HOT” “ A warmth” “ it went up my arms into my heart, then my head, down my body, out through my feet” “ Like electricity” “like a little jackhammer” “Miraculous” “ you cant get this anywhere else” “ I feel lifted” “Lengthened” “I feel lighter” “Dizzy” “How do you do that?” “Tingling” “Chills” “ it was like I could see the sun” “flashes of light” “euphoria” “Sparkly” “LOVE” “a calmness” “i feel peace” “a oneness” “an electric yamika” “It is pure Love

It is not limited to pain. This Divine Energy, of which i am able to bridge, has also cleared psoriasis, bunions, seizures, partial paralysis, neuropathy, gout, allergies, thyroid conditions, TRAUMA / PTSD, nervous system issues and yes, chakras.

It is an honor to hold and a greater honor to share.

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